Welcome and Dobro Došli

to the History of Croatians in Western Australia website.

This platform is dedicated to preserving the stories and contributions Croatians have made to WA’s social, cultural and economic fabric and celebrates the cultural heritage and history of the Croatian community in WA.

This website will include historical accounts, biographies, photographs, and videos, that showcase the experiences and achievements of Croatians in Western Australia.

We welcome contributions from readers who would like to share anecdotes or family biographies and we also welcome historical stories about events, trends and enterprises that affected and shaped the lives of Croatian migrant and their descendants.

We acknowledge that the funding for this project has been provided by the Board of Villa Dalmacia Association (inc). It has been their goal for many years to help preserve the history of Croatian migrants and their descendants. Included in this website are articles that were funded by the board about early Croatian migrants involved in fishing, mining, market gardening and vineyards. They can all be accessed in the drop-down menu.

For more information about the Villa Dalmacia and the services it provides, please visit villadalmacia.com.au

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