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A Brief History of Šepurinjani in Western Australia

Early Arrivals:  before December 1910


Archives show that a P. Mijat  travelled on the S.S. Orizaba to Auckland N.Z. arriving in December 1896; but there’s no further information about him or where he came from. The Orizaba was wrecked off the coast of Rockingham WA when it struck a reef in November 1905.

Fabijan GRBELJA (1864- 1943)

Fabijan may have come to WA in the late 1800 spending time in the Bridgetown area. He was the father of Špiro (1888-1944) and grandfather of Andjelka Grbelja (1926-2012). Andjelka was most commonly known by her nickname Naranža. She married Marijan Vlahov Takačev (1908-1987) and their many descendants live in Perth and throughout the south-west of Western Australia.

Josip FRANIĆ-KEŠIĆ (1871-1947) and Ivan FRANIĆ-KEŠIĆ (1880-1950) 

One of the first men to arrive in WA from Šepurine was Josip Franić Kešić.  He first went to South Africa, stayed there for five months before journeying to Melbourne where he disembarked some time in 1901 and made his way the WA goldfields by 1902-3.  In 1903, his younger brother, Ivan Franić Kešić arrived at the goldfields where he spent the rest of his life.  Josip is buried in Kalgoorlie. Ivan died in Laverton but is buried in the Cemetery Leonora.

Jakomina VLADIĆ nee SKROZA (1865late-1929)

The first woman from Šepurine in WA was most likely Jakomina Vladić nee Skroza who arrived in Fremantle on the SS Oroya on the 24th February 1908. Jakomina was married to Ante Vladić from Prvić Luka who arrived in Australia on the 1899 disembarking at Townsville, Queensland, most likely to work as a sugar cane cutter. He was in WA by the time his brother, Ivan (Jack) Vladić, arrived in Fremantle in 1905. They were joined by another brother, Krste Vladić in 1908. 

Jakomina lived in Day Dawn for 2 years, Spearwood for 13 years and later lived on Anzac Road in Leederville.

Ante was Jakomina’s second husband. They didn’t have any children together but she had a son with her first husband, Mate Mijat.  Her son’s name was Šime Mate Mijat,  born in October 1885. He was married by the time his mother left Prvić and never came to Australia.

Ivan ANTIĆ Markić (b 1879)

Jakov ANTULOV Fingerov (1868-1924)

Josip SKROZA Đevojka 

Mate SKROZA Kelićin (1862-1943)

Roko SKROZA Colin (1892-1973)

Bare UKIĆ Parin (1884-1942)

Petar UKIĆ Parin (1889-1973)