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West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), Tuesday 1 September 1936, page 9

FUNERALS. The Late Mr. N. Alerich. The late Mr. Nicholas Alerick passed away on August 27 at the Wooroloo Sanatorium. Mr Alerich was born in Dalmatia and he came to Western Australia 80 years ago. For some years he resided on the Goldfields and 16 years ago with his wife and family be settled on the Millendon estate on the Swan. where he carried on business as vigneron. The esteem in which deceased was held was shown by the large number of relatives and friends. who attended the funeral, which took place in the Roman Catholic cemetery, Karrkatta, on Saturday. The chief mourners were Mrs. Alerich (widow), Thomas (son), Naida (Mrs Ivan Kraljevich), Frances, Basie, and Mary (daughters). Mr. Ivan Kraljevich (son-in-law).. The pallbearers were Mess rs. Kosovich, Blagavich, B. Perrin, M. Luetich. J. Cepo, and N. Sokol Among those at the graveside were:-Mlest. Dirpich, J. Vilsich. and I. Newman; Mesdames Iich and J. Radich; Messr. F. Sumich and N. Sumich; Mm. M. Burnt, Mr. T. Barbarich, Mr. and Mrs Barbarich, Mess. . Udiljak, D. Bobanac, T. Slako, Ivan Rakich, J. Zekulich, M. Jujnovich, Pave Nadilo, M. Katovich, L, Cullen, Tony Barbarich,  Viskovich, S. Letica, J. Hrabar, S. Lovreta. M. Radonich, and M. Babich; Mrs P. Katunarich, Mr. P. Prismic, Mrs. Ruljancich, Messs. J. Rakich and- T. Bizzaca; Mrs. Rabanasich, Messrs. Karmela, Perica, P. Kukura. 8. Zoranich, J. Babich, V. Eafarella, K. Zaputovieh, J. Jujnovich; Mesdames L. Perich, T. Kosovich. and Tomich; Mee?s. L. Prgomet, P. Staneich. L. Rodin, J. Rakich, F. Martinovich, J. Chokolich; Mesdames Svicarovich. Zilco, and G. Koaevich; Mess. Jelavich and Pinae; Mr. and Mrs. S. osich; Mesns. G. Stella, J. Beros, M. Martin. J. KEafanieh. A. Zemunik., . Turkich, P. Lulich, and lick Zilco; Mr. and Mrs. P. Zilo. Miss Kris Banovich; Messr. I Vidovich, N. Divich, A. R. Bozil, K. Sumich, M. Sumiob, J. F. Thorne, Mott Zilco, A. Tolj. M. Kosovich. Ivan Martinovich, S. Bank, Pat Zilco, N. Mateljan. Turko, Lnkom. T. McCue. J. Tadich. and T. Chokolich; Mrs. F. Radisich. Mr. F. Katunerich, Mrs. K. Knkur, Messrs. Ajduk, S. Martin, 8. Perica, Glavor, .. Sarich, M. Vadanovich, and D. nazor; Mrs. J. Vladich; Mr. J. Svllisich, Miss Dvipich, Mr. Ivan ivicevich, iMrs. A. Bakich, Mr. H. Newman, Mrs. Bealich, Messr. G. Babarich, I. Vidakovich, I. Kunma. and J. MHnnE ich; Mrs. S. Kraljevich, Messr. M. Pincetich. F. Bebich. •Poklepovich. Corich; Mesdames M. Boarich and Zemunik; Meer. A. Pervan, S. Kukura, P. le. aa , R. .Kinkella and A. Rakich; Mra Svvilletleh; Meessr Moteljan, M. Tomich, and T. Cepo; Mrs uEnnick. Mr. P. Mstasevich. and many others. Many letters, cards and foral tributes were recelved by the sorrowing relatives. The Rev. Father J. P. Casey officiated at the graveside. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Wm. Snell. Midland Junction.